Battery Relocation Advice Needed

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    Hello all,

    I'm looking to relocate my battery to the boot in order to clear space for the turbo install. (Will be a sealed optima but still installing into a vented box because I'm paranoid)

    Has anyone done this?

    Can anyone recommend which gauge wire to run to the front, I'm thinking 0 or 2 gauge.

    Also which side do people normally move to, driver side seems popular in the US which would be our driver side, I feel UK passenger side might be better but then the fuel filler is near there.

    Would appreciate any advice :)


  • Mine was in boot on drivers side as there was larger space for it on rhs of wheel well.
    It was a sealed optima yellow top. Absolutely no problems with leaving it un boxed.
    Only advantage would be to minimise risk of shorting terminals by keeping it boxed.
    The positive was 2 guage I think. ( 16mm ) will have to double check.
    The negative was crimped and installed onto a welded nut onto body work.
    Then run some extra earthing around engine bay. ( daisy chain as much as possible ) think this is smaller 10mm cable.
    Mines now in passenger rear foot well.
    It's also ( temp ) a 1.6 focus liquid battery lol. And it still fires the ze fine and is much lighter than the yellow top.
    I'm considering upgrading to a red top alternative as I quite like keeping the battery as light as possible.
    Will pop down Romford in spring to see how project turbo is coming along!.
    Glad your still working on it.

  • Edit your have to convert my mm into awg as I'm only used to mm as mine is old fine wire control cable.

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    Cheers for the info Garfy, how did you run the cable? Under the car or inside?


  • I'll be running mine inside the car, within a tube for protection and against shortouts.

    I'm also placing it inside a pipe ( designed for pond water pluming ) and use 'T' sections for things coming off it.

  • When it was in the boot I ran it inside close to the sills along with other wiring.
    Think it may now be wired inside door sills. Will re check and post some pics for you.


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