Suspect Front wheel bearing please help.

  • Just need a little help, i think the front right wheel bearing is knackered, I was driving back and starting to get a sort of grinding graoning noise form the front right side, at first this was quiet and faded if I turned left or was straight. This progressed over about 50 miles to become loud and constant irrespective of which way I turn.
    I consulted a mazda garage over the phone and they said more than likely it was the bearings. But was quoted a stupid price, saw the kit on the 323/probe store and wanted to know how easy is it to change the front bearings.
    If i do it should i do both sides, don't seem to have any probs with left at the mo.
    Got a k reg, some history but nothing mentioning bearing having been done.
    I've got basic knowledge of cars and want to do as much as I can to get this car sorted. Any help would be appreciated

  • When I wanted to get my bearing replaced… I took off the spindle and took it to the shop and it was about $90 US to get it fixed. I didn't have the right tools to press in the new bearing. It was a lot cheaper already having the spindle off the car. Just the price of the bearing and the labor to press it in... much cheaper.

  • I've just had my rear wheel bearing changed today!

    Have a look at the thread here

    Got the parts from the fordProbeStore, although on that link above there is another place that maybe even cheaper! Paid my garage £25 cash in hand to sort it out. Parts and fitting cost me £75… Mazda garage wanted just £120 for the part itself!!!

    Let us know how it goes :)

    Kind regards,


  • our front left wheel bearing is moaning..

    but garage sunday. air filter and wiring tracing..

    got to lift bonnet at back also as its getting the bonnet to untouchable heat.. jsut waer the turbo is, maybe blowing flames tomorrow also.

  • Cheers for the help, was going to go with probe store for parts, but doubt i'll get any cheap labour done, i live in london and everyone rips you off.
    Any ideas on the ease of doing it yourself.


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