Moisture build up

  • Anyone have any ideas why moisture seems to get trapped in their mx3s
    I have got a de humidifier living in my mazda at the moment to stop mould spores building up.
    It did happen before I competely stripped the interior but didn't have any issues last year ?.
    There are some holes in the floor which need plugging.
    Rising moisture from ground ?.
    Would car cover help ?
    Thoughts …..???

  • Its the weather. I had the same probem with my old MX3 as I have with this one. The worst area is the huge back window which doesn't even clear with the heater on. My van is just as bad but at least that clears. I think the cold collects in the spare wheel area which doesn't help.

  • I have mine in a garage covered in old duvets currently and that is keeping the damp out :)

  • Yeah I think the time may have come to invest in a large shed so I can it in the garage all nicely heated :)
    After it sits for a month the rear discs definately look a sorry state.


  • Make sure that the vents are open and it's set to draw air from outside, not just reuse the inside air.

    Stops any bad stuff on mine, parked outside in the car park.

  • I have the same problem, its bloody annoying. Best I can do is to clear up the mist with tissue and throw it away (rather than the usual leather sponge which would stay in the car)

    It doesn't take much if your clothes are wet from rain or you open the boot - crap design as it still misses most of the rain gulley!

    The other thing you can do is to check your seals and make sure there is no water getting past. Remove your spare wheel and check for any water there as this would point to a leak. I'm sure you would have already seen if there was any on the head lining.

  • Cheers guys, so far lori idea has mad a massive improvement by allowing a bit of natural airflow rather than trapping dead air.

    The de humidifier will remain inside over the winter.
    It's a non refrigerant type and only 500watts so it's not too bad to run.

  • Not on my MX3 but on an old Ford I used the silicone bags that you get in shoe boxes and dropped a stack of them in the spare wheel bay. They worked a treat. If you have a word with shoe shops they have loss of them and are often just binned.


  • In my TVR I had a very similar problem. I bought moisture traps from Focus DIY for about £10 each. They are about 4x5x6 inches and have a moisture attracting material in a bag suspended on a grid above a catch tub. I hid one under the front seat and one in the boot. Problem solved. The only pain was having to empty the water out every day. In fact, these will do exactly the same if one was secured in the spare wheel well or in the cabin.


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