Fountainz - 93 Mx-3 V6 Project Uber Clean

  • @94d6c7cdd5=Valley:

    are your bucket covers and back covers what came with her when you got her. or was that something you got whilst you starting sorting her out. if so where did you get them from. as my buckets are the cotten style.

    I bought them from a bloke off ebay who strips down bumpy mx-3's. He also had a cream full leather one when i was there.

    I bought the OBX headers off Dave hover on here. I'm not sure where he got them.

  • @45a84d9ad6=Fountainz:

    I bought them from a bloke off ebay who strips down bumpy mx-3's. He also had a cream full leather one when i was there.

    Nice one, have you got his ebay name? Also how much if you don't mind saying?

  • wills95 is his name. I only paid about £250 - £300 i can't remember the exact amount.

  • How much was that respray on ya bumper?

  • To get the front bumper done and the little mud flap things cost me 150 quid. Not the best of jobs either but it's okay untill i get the bits smoothed off on the front of the bumper.

  • looking back at your pic's on the dyno…....what bhp did it come back at and what mods were done at this time?

  • 128.75bhp thats with just a custom backbox and a PRM racing intake. Nothing special. Injectors need a good clean through though by the looks of it.

    Little update. Something went wrong today. Fitted new discs and pads the other day. And today i'm getting a major clunk/click as i drive from the front passenger side. Have to strip it down tomorrow.

  • sounds like some bolts might be loose or sheared, which type of disc and pads did you go for?

  • I managed to find some discontinued Brembo rotors and some Mintex sport pads. I found the problem. Wheel had come loose a bit. All sorted now. lol.

  • do you still have your old standard alloys. as mine are looking a bit shot and i dont want to upgrade mine at the moment. also how much would you want for them. no need to worry about post as will be in swansea quite abit now, (misses in uni)

  • Where did you get the new manifold bits from and how much?

  • Bought the Manifold from Dave Hover on here. I think i paid about 100 and then postage was on top.

    Yeah i still have the standard wheels with new tyres but they're not at they're best. lol. Looking a bit tired thats all.

  • nice work on your mx mate. car looks so much more aggressive once its lowered :wink:

  • I'm having terrible problems with the car at the moment. I will drive her down the street, hit around 3.5k and she'll just cut out on me. Not sure what it is at the moment, I'm thinking dizzy or fuel problems. Got a bloke coming out today to have a look, Been trying to work it out myself for the last two weeks but i just can't get my head around it!!

  • well our dizzys are crap, so could be right! Have you tried pulling error codes?

  • Bought a new dizzy today and she's fine now, Just got to get her timed.

  • very very nice car mate. Can I ask what exactly you did to get the paint that amazing. Swirl remover?


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