Where to find Shock absorbers ?-25mm lower spring on mine

  • Hi guys , i think my Shocks are gone or close .

    I know mine has ( -25mm ?) springs fitted by previous owner

    (i didn't misure but i have anyway lower springs on mine) ,
    but he did'nt recall what he mounted.

    He mentioned maybe it was "koni" or "Kyb" for the springs (so maybe it was Koni on ammo) .

    Cant find on the web compatible *SHOCK ABSORBERS models , has anyone Tips / links ?
    They should be shoerter RIGHT??
    Thank you!

    Ps:also i see the cracks which i 'll have to picture soon to ask about ,
    seen from "above the coil" once i open the bonnet **Strut
    (a term in english i dont remember now),
    where you mount the strut bar to let you understand.-

  • The strut mount tops I guess you mean
    The best for value owering springs are apex 40mm and cost around 100 euro for a set in the uk

  • Thank you bro , yes should be "Strut mount tops ",cracks on the 2 bases ..
    not where the strut bar should mount ,it's more lower on the base
    a friend of mine told me is nothing dangerous on short times (for the time bein i mean).

    But NOT asking about springs :

    i'm looking for Shock absobers links (shop ) , compatible with -25mm springs.**

    STUPIDLY i wrote "Ammo" , a slang of Italy (which sounds english ).
    Gonna fix that on title too.

    Fact is , price i found are quite high , expecially compared to normal leght shock
    (i found just bilsltein b8 for now , and about 135 pound for piece at least) .

  • Found that page that says

    All MX3, Protege, 323, ZX2, and Escort struts will fit one another, but the ZX2 SR (and maybe all 3rd gens) use a larger diameter strut shaft. so you will need to use ZX2 thrust bearings (also known as strut bearings) if you want to use the ZX2 SR Tokicos. These are easiy modified into the MX3, Protege, 323 or 2nd gen Escorts upper hat. Please note that the ZX2 SR struts are .5" shorter in legnth."

    Do you know if it's true?
    Does that mean that maybe sometime more fitting shorter spring can be found?

  • most shocks will work fine with a drop of 25mm or even 40mm, dont think anone here has had a shock problem by lowering, just stick with standards they will be fine


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