Rear window tinting?

  • Hi all :D

    Has anyone had the rear screen tinted/blacked out?? my MX3 is black and I want its rear screen 'limo blacked' but a local mobile 'tinter' suggested because of the shape it would have to be done with in 'TWO/THREE' pieces and the joints maybe visible? just wondered if anyone had any success in the matter?

    kev b.

  • My white car has tinted.At the very top it's clear and piece of black vinyl sticked on from outside(like sunstripe).Looks ok.

  • I had mine done, tell the bloke he is a pussy as mine is all done in one sheet, sounds like he either doesnt want to buy the expensive wide rolls or isnt competant enough
    Global tints did mine, took 3 hours for all 3 windows and cost an amazing £110 :bowdown:

  • Thanks for reply edy I guess yours was done with the narrow width roll then?? lol :)

    Cheers dj that's what I wanted to hear! :D

    Will search for a more competent, willing and cheaper 'tinter' that doesn't scimp on 'roll widths' :lol:

    Down side is, hatch glass was scratched by prev owners by 'rear wiper'? Iv'e deleted wiper now and plugged hole and tried to polish the 'arc' out but with little success :( think tinting will make scratches more apparent????? cant see em tho when it's mucky :o



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