Projector Headlight Relay.

  • 804-1A-C1 12VDC

    I have one of these attached to a headlight, the other I don't.

    Was thinking of just buying one of these and re-pinning it.

    Will that do the trick?

  • thats plenty of amperage should be fine

  • Sweet :)

  • I concur :) I would er on the side of caution tho and use 2 x 15 amp relays one per lamp! there are some available on ebay that have a reverse current prevention diode to protect switching contacts and the MX3's adequate at best, wiring! :shock:
    Try to keep all your earths 'short' and 'chunky' (as possible) likewise your 12v+ feeds, and always use a fuse on any additional wiring you add! :shock:

    que Hovis music!!! :o

    My brother many moons ago had a 'Rally slag' Skoda 130 Estelle !!!!!! "I know, Engine in boot, you can warm your hands on the rear screen heater when your'e pushing it"! but it was at the time, so entertaining to drive and hear with it's 1 meter long exhaust with 'cherry bomb', (actual FLAMES on overun on a standard engine!!!!) anyways he just had to have 7" cibies on the front but he didnt put a fuse in and he didn't up rate the relay or wiring and so….... 'Puff' his first car and pride and joy was reduced to a blackened, smoldering lump on a dark country lane! all because he'd miss understood the principles of excessive current in wiring and the protection of wiring circuits!! :shock:

    The single 30amp as mentioned should be fine Lori :)

    just expressing my cautionary (anal !!!) nature :oops:

    kev b.

  • Done and added.

    I've redone all the wiring to the projectors\side light units now :)

  • ha sent you a pm then realised what this topic is about

  • @5e54e69020=djmarcopolo:

    ha sent you a pm then realised what this topic is about

    Dumbass :P


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