Headlamp adjustment and how to improve them?

  • My headlamps need adjusting as they do a good job of lighting up the underside of clouds (if they are very very low clouds). Is it the hex bolt at the top, it looks like an adjuster I just want to be sure.
    Next question, is there any way of improving them, I remember from my old MX3 they were rubbish and I think I ran a direct earth wire and that improved them, does that sound right and is there any thing else I can do, or are there good aftrer market replacements?

  • The standard headlights are rubbish but 2 ways of making them better

    1 - replace with projector headlights ( make sure they are for RHD or see the how to page on converting projectors)
    2 - fit a HID kit which makes them a lot brighter or a cheap option is swap up from 55w bulbs to 100w bulbs ( not 100% legal though ).

    Also to stop lighting the clouds, buy some vinyl wrap that matches your car and do this to the headlights, it makes it look mean and stops the light refracting upwards

  • Are they H4 bulbs?

  • yes, you could upgrade to 100w bulbs but projectors make massive difference

  • Any idea where sells good projectors?

  • I will ask my mate he is considering selling his mx3 and has them, will ask for you

  • Does your friend have any other nice parts…..
    Is that a vulture I see?

  • @82cf7bef61=Lori:

    Does your friend have any other nice parts…..
    Is that a vulture I see?

    he will be selling soon
    brand new climair wind deflectors (doors & sunroof set)
    Lexus rear lights with the fittings for dual rear lights
    stainless exhaust system
    possibly lowering springs


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