Coil springs gone soft?

  • No not the title of the latest American TV programme. I've just bought a '97 1.8 V6 and I think the coil springs feel a bit spongy, anyone else had this and what are the best standard replacements?

  • Hiya, its very rare for them to go soft, normally they snap or the shock absorbers go causing the car to be very bouncy.
    I would look at shocks if its soft as the car shouldnt bounce if you push it down and let go i should just stop but with shocks knackered it will bounce up and down easily

    Check the shocks for leaking and rust but if you do want to get new springs I would highly recommend apex lowering springs, they are not hard at all compared to some lowering springs but the difference in handling is amazing and brings the car to life

    I will check my shed, I may have a full set of struts with apex lowering springs and shocks all set up, just need to bolt them in place, would take around an hour to do as they are ready to go

  • Cool, thanks.
    The car doesn't bounce (I used to do MOTs a long time ago and used to be a bike mechanic) it just seems a bit soft and wallowy.

  • needs lowering :mrgreen:

  • How much does it take it down as I live in the land of speed bumps and stupid curbs.


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