Problem - Stalling at 2800 rpm under load… HELP!

  • been off the road for around a month now waiting for my mechanic guy to find time to look into the problem. We thought a bad TPS was the culprit but it was not!

    Under load only accelerates to just under 3k rpm and the mix COMPLETELEY goes, car wont fire right as if you have either hit a rev limiter or the car is about to stall, drop the clutch, back to normal.

    Obvious problem is I simply cant drive the car so its now sat awaiting MOT clearance and fixing for some autumn fun. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Checked the VAF sensor?

  • I think I had the same problem:

    Change the distributor or possibly just buy a new ignition module/coil from (Bit pricey though) :wink:

    Get one off ebay. (wills95 helped me out a few times with mx-3 parts)

  • I think mine has the same problem, not as bad as that, but around that mark i can feel the torque dropping off alot then after that it picks back up, i was thinking it might be because i've turned the idle adjustment screw without having the wires in place on diagnostic :?

  • still trying to figure out what the problem is… the guy doing the work for me doesn't just want to go buy a dizzy incase its not that thats the problem.

    Does anyone know where I can find the reading figures for the different components of the car?? Trying to read the parts output but without knowing what they are meant to be its a little difficult!

    Also how do you get engine codes out of the MX3... trying it as directed but getting nothing.

  • there is an online manual on here some where.

  • admin

    A version of the manual can be found here:

    (Link originally posted by Muttsnuts)


  • does it happen when the engines cold??

    it may be the coil on the way out, usually if the coils on the way out it'll work okish when the engines cold, and when its warm the coil struggles to produce a stron enough spark, the higher the RPM the weaker the spark gets due to it having to produce the spark more regularly :?


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