Engine monitors.

  • Stuff like,

    Oil pressure, coolant pressure plus anything else that would be prudent to monitor.

    Advice, recommended parts?


  • I would definately do oil pressure but coolant pressure is pointless and better if you swap to a non water coolant that way you dont get the temp pressures of boiling water so it just circulates and doesnt expand but it is at a price lol

  • You only NEED 'Oil pressure monitoring' Lori…. as if there is 'NO' Oil pressure any other telemetry would be superfluous...... especially at 6500rpm at full load!!! :(

    My father of '76 motor tinkering years' has always instilled to me that a good quality mechanical oil pressure gauge with capillary feed is the only info you need if you take your cars engine health and longevity seriously???
    the second gauge in his dash would be an 'Oil temp', the two together if sensitive enough and read correctly are invaluble for spirited motoring!.

    That said, I've ignored him!!! coz I havn't any fitted!..... just waiting for someone else on here to attempt it and do a parts list and price post? :shock: lol

    kev b.


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