Indicator turns on when turning the wheel

  • Hey. Noob to this forum and the Mx3 scene. I picked up my Mx3 (1992 V6) with 170K on the clock… As a winter car, Didn't want to drive my RX8 through the snow and salt.

    The car has one quirk to it though. When turning the wheel, the indicator will turn on in the direction of which the wheel has been turned. Example - going to pull out of my driveway, I crank the wheel all the way left and the left signal clicks on about half way through the first turn.

    Any ideas for a fix?

  • The first thing to do is get someone to turn the wheel while you hold on lightly to the indicator stalk.

    This is to determine if the stalk is being physically moved in any way.

    If it is can you check to see if you have a working steering lock and let me know

    If not i would flick the indicator stalk up and down about 100 - 200, really fast times to clean the contacts.

    If that does not do it I would spray some electrical contact cleaner down the stalk ( don't go mad with it ) and then go up and down another 100 - 200 times.

  • "This is to determine if the stalk is being physically moved in any way. "
    Yes It does get moved, it will actually move into the left or right indicating position, hence why the car indicates left or right. When it does not indicate you can feel it being nipped just a bit.

    Steering lock works

    fast flicking until my arms felt like jelly did not clear the issue

    will try contact cleaner tomorrow!

    Thanks for the help so far. I hope I don't have to hunt far and wide for the cleaner…

  • sounds like the plastic clip that causes the indicator to be turned off wen turning the oppsite way is as fault

    take the covers off the stalk surround ( 3 screws underneath )
    take that off and you will see the plastic pieces that resets the stalk just watch it as it comes round, I think they have a very small spring in it that may have dropped out. you can just break it off so you have to turn the indicators off manually after turning

  • Yeah that sounds plausible. I'll pull that apart tomorrow and try to remember to take pics. I've got a large ice storm rolling through so I'm stuck at home without tools… or my mate's heated shop :p

  • Don't bother with the contact cleaner, that was for it it did not move the stalk when you did the test.

    If its moving the stalk then its a physical problem and your going to have to strip it down and see what is going on.

    If its broken you can get the whole part from the scrappy (if you can find one) for £15, or try ebay.


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