• who was the person with the complete air suspension system they were trying to sell after removing it from the gold car a few years back ????

    If its you is it for sale ???

  • That was me.

    I sold it to someone on here (can't remember who it was), who then had it refurbished by raven??? hydraulics who origionally made it.

    Then I saw that they were trying to sell it on here again, but I don't think it sold.

  • his email no longer exists :(

    anyone got a number for him

  • I havent got jay1987's number any more…

    There is an outside chance its stored on my old phone, but I don't even know where that is or even if I still have it. I will look later when I have a min.

  • Just sent out an email to all members for you.

  • Thanks daryl, after seeing a classic merc with air ride I think that would be great on the mx now then its just deciding what to do with my interior :)

  • It was a very harsh ride, you could feel a spec of dust. I was on 18's at the time though so that didn't help things.

    And you give up your boot space to the springs, dampers and a welded in frame that holds them all together and also the pump plus a truck battery.

    It was the hsrdest ride i've experienced in a car, but I guess you could maybe change the springs for softer ones, but then of course you wouldn't be able to go so low.

    It was fun to play with for a bit, but not fun to drive with, more of a show thing. I think if you installed it you would be pretty much putting the car in the occasional use / shows category.

    It would drive you nuts for regular use.


    You could go low enough for the body to touch the floor !! which meant that you could not use it on the move otherwise you would total your car.

    I used to just go to the biggest speed bump in my area and get the car to just clear that, then i'd leave it like that until the next time I was playing with it and then go and reset it to the height of the speed bump aftereards.

    It had a switch to raise/lower the front of the car and another switch for the back. So you could not do individual wheels which is good as its really stressfull for cars that have it setup like that.

  • Go on Facebook mate, uk mx3 group.
    24th February 2013 username juber jay atlas
    That should get you the contact you need :)

  • Thanks daryl forgot you owned that car, thought it maybe more like the rides I saw on fast n loud but i guess not with an older air suspension or its a different system,
    thanks for that I will keep it on the coileys

  • Yeah nobody really uses Hydros (Hydraulic) anymore for that exact reason, apart from them hiphop lowrider bouncy car shit guys.

    Airbags are very popular now as the ride quality is alot better, people even drift on them! I hear K-sport do an air ride kit for the MX-3?!, or if you are brave there is a universal airbag kit (search BOC) that fits over your existing coilovers and raises them up, still going to ride like crap :P

    Static is still the way forward…


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