Parts - bought new manifolds but no EGR (can I remove EGR?)

  • Car is still off the road trying to figure out what my other problem is, (see other post) so I treated her to some new manifolds. how sexy are they!?!

    However, I have just realised this does not have an EGR connection on it. Oops. If I simply disconnect the EGR and link its vacuum up to the system will the car still run ok?? Is there anything I especially need top do other than not connect the valve to the manifold?

    Also.. please read my other post.. its getting annoying now!

  • price??? and was it for 2.5 or the 1.8

  • 2.5 manifolds, imported from the states- including delivery for the grand old price of…...........£130!! I love the exchange rate at the moment!!!!

  • what was your import tax. and did they decide on shipping people. as i was after something for fun. full racing down hill mountain bike. and the company wanted more than the bike was worth

    bake to subject. so you have the 2.5

    also could you pm me the web site details so i can sort out a link. thanks

  • admin

    If that pic is exactly what you got then you DO have the EGR connection!!


  • EGR valve removal…

    id rarther keep it on mate, dont want it causing any mishaps.

    your only down road from me really..

    sure i could work a way around it, if u want it gone.

  • @da857717f9=jono:

    If that pic is exactly what you got then you DO have the EGR connection!!


    yep it's the little J-hook piece… I had my egr removed so I didn't need it .

  • Take it off, use a blanking plate!!

  • will it fit the 1.8

  • admin


    will it fit the 1.8

    The 1.8 & 2.5 have the same exhaust & egr systems so it should be fine!



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