The story so far

  • Ok, had my 1998 mx3 now for a couple of months just coming up to 25,000 miles. Changed the original tape deck to a up todate radio with usb connection and bluetooth hands free. Then had both rear arch lips painted with rubber based paint to protect the arch lips as they where pristine which you would expect for a car that has never seen a winter ever. Only ever used in summer since new. I also had the underneath waxoiled ready for winter. Then I fitted a cat 1 alarm wired into the central locking too so I can open the car by remote. Then I moved onto upgraded the front lights both side and dipped. Side are now led while the dipped beam is a hd type upgrade. Oh, and I have fitted two new front tyres. Also changed the oil and filter. So its ready for winter I think! But then tonight at of the blue I have a small knock every now and then from the rear drivers side. Sounded a little like the exhaust bracket was lose to allow the backbox to knock ovef bumps, but I have checked that, seems ok, so a little stumped. I intend to get my local garage to check it in the morning.

    Loving the car, getting around 130miles for £25 of fuel which isn't too bad for a v6. Next year I hope to show the car so others can enjoy this motor which has been tucked away for the last 15 years. Hope the update is of some interest.

  • try pumpimng th car up and down, it could be a shock absorber

  • All sorted, part of rear suspension had worked lose, just a nut needed to be tightend. :mrgreen:


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