Distributor and ignition coil

  • Is there a difference between a obd1 dizzy/ignition coil and obd2 dizzy/ignition coil?

  • Turns out there is a lot of difference. Does anybody have a working dizzy/ignition coil for sale to suit obd1 loom?

  • what number is on it, I think I have both types somewhere

  • The faulty unit that is on the car is a pattern part (might have something to do with the intermittent problem im getting) and has no numbers on it. The obd2 is k834 and cylinder numbers on the top are 5, 4, 6 and bottom 1, 2, 3. Obd1 cylinder numbers on top are 4, 5, 3 and bottom are 6, 1, 2.

  • So I have finally got around to installing anew ignition coil and still no bloody spark. Starting to lose the will to live with this car :(
    what other things could it be? I know the crank sensor is one.

  • sure you checked the correct numbers of the disty
    (if you changed the entire unit , not only he coil?)

    they differ year dependant) and are not compatible each other .
    Here it's a shot of my old one ,

    When i got my fault problem , i changed the entire disty unit.
    Other thing to try is the famous coil mod
    (the " HEI mod " , a not expensive "boomerang /like" module + an external generic coil , i will give the links i saved if you need ,
    but people here around are far more skilled on that argument) .

    The disty is the only "common " problem of this car , so if you solve it you could live happier with her still a while , i believe.


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