What is - The fastest car you can get for under £3000?

  • **After reading an article in a car mag my mate recently set me a challenge to try and find the fastest car you can buy or build for £3000

    We were basing a benchmark as the E46 BMW M3 to try and beat its figures.

    After spending a few hours researching various websites it seems that you can build a seriously fast motor for next to nothing if you are prepared to carry out alot of the work yourself. There are also a lot of unfinished projects that you can pick up off ebay that have huge potential.

    Its not based on anything other than performance so it doesn't have to look good which opens up quite alot of options that normally wouldn't be considered - VOLVOs and Saabs :lol:

    I have quite a few ideas in mind which include a pulsar GTIR and (sorry for this) a Vauxhall Nova with a calibra turbo engine (the power to weight ratio works out @ 260bhp per ton which is more than a 911)

    Does anybody have any ideas?

    We were thinking of actually trying to this challenge out for real soon but with a lower budget and then aiming to compete in the Scally Rally next year:


    This is a really good site for stats!:


  • ask welly what his build is costing him.. and ask if he got some normal ideas lol

  • yeah he seems to know his stuff about perfomance figures.

  • a mate had a nova which he stripped and put in a 2.0 16v turbo. it whooped nearly evrything on the track!

    go for it. good luck.

  • **Yeah I think that is def one of the best options in terms of power to weight per pound spent.

    Here's a few other ideas we had within budget with a few pros and cons:
    (spending either the whole budget on the car or buying cheap and modding)

    **The ever exploding deathbox that is the R5 GT turbo (apparently one of the cheapest cars to mod) - should get around 200bhp for a few miles

    An old XR2 mk 1/2 with an RST lump (pretty straight frwd swap) - 200-220hp est

    Pulsar GTIRs are one of the fastest cars you can buy for the budget - 220hp - 0-60 in 5.5 stnrd

    Along with the Toyota MR2 turbo rev2 - around the same

    MINI city 1000 with a rover K series engine - alot of work but the shell only weighs 600kgs!! thats less than an old Lotus Elise

    Rover 220 coupe Turbo - pick one up for 1.5k and spend 1.5k on the engine 250-300hp potential and pretty light

    Vauxhall Calibra Turbo - if you can find one

    Nissan 300zx V6 twin turbo - Serious power but will cost the price of the car again if anything breaks

    Mitsubishi GTO V6 Twin turbo - same as above but with 4wd

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II GSR - Old but one of the lightest and fook its fast 204bhp/per ton as std - My insurance qoute was more expensive than a TVR griffith 500 :roll:

    Lexus/Toyota Soarer 2.5l S6 Twin turbo - really cheap for what it is, pretty much skyline gts tt. Almost as long as a maybach

    Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo - S5 20V Turbo loads of torque, getting really cheap - mainly becuase they went wrong when new let alone old.

    Nissan 200SX turbo - Cheap to buy and relatively cheap to mod - probably the most fun pound for pound - most have been written off by wanna be drifters - bottom ends go.

    Subaru Impreza Turbo WRX - Would have to be an old one in a fair ish condition

    Ford Sierra Cosworth - Hard to find under budget but they are out there**

    Gonna keep hunting round.

    Any comments welcome**

  • http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/220449.htm

    Unfinished project, could get it for £1,800 then get a motor bike engine?



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    Rover 620 Turbo, get one for £500 at 150bhp then 2.5k on mod's.

    MX3 v6 for £300 + a klze for £500, buy a turbo kit for £1800, £400 to spend on clutch (dont worry about stoping it :lol: ).

    Nova with the 2.0 turbo is the best idea i think, best bang for buck.

  • I hadn't thought of the robins.

    Get a cossie lump in that and there wont be much on the road with four wheels that'll beat it.

    I didn't realise you could pick them up that cheap! :shock:

    Can you really turbo an mx for that price?

    I thought it was mega bucks?

  • I would love a old Morgan my self, Aero 8 please.

    Robins are cheap, I did not realise you can pick them up for that money, I only spent 10mins looking too.

    I am sure there is a chap selling a turbo kit from Holland for that sort of cash, but you will have to take it easy as if you run with a lot of boost things are going to start to go bang :( …....I might be wrong (probably am knowing me). You will have to do the work your self.... :lol:

  • Reliant Kitten with a bike engine.

  • Front wheels in the air all the way :lol:

  • Go for a GTO my bro got one, its stupidly quick!
    Wat bowt an FTO with GTO engine?

  • If not a 200sx turbo is a good bet!

  • hi guys, im a jaguar enthusiast and i have your solution!!!!! you can get a rusty jaguar xjs for nothing. 5.3/6.0 v12. 1x£500 nitrous kit and straight cut exhaust and your talking 500bhp on the v12. should be 0-60 in 5sec or under.strip out interior and nicetys and it will do 0-60 in -4seconds. here is the 5.3 on an autobox with nitrous!


  • That's how the STIG died :twisted:

    Funny enough the old jag v12 is regularly being mentioned as a performance bargain. The depreciation history of those things are ridiculous!!

    I quite like the figures of an AWD AUDI S2 2.2L S5 20v Turbo. 220bhp 0-60 5.7s and well over 230lb/ft of torque as standard :shock: . Then you wack a straight through exhaust and induction kit and tweak the boost just a little and you are looking at a reliable and usable 300bhp.

    Only problem is I think they are at least £3000 to buy a fair one

    I have just fallen in love with AUDI's after my company lent me there brand new S-line A3 for the week.

    It 240lb/ft of torque 160BHP and really pulls hard all the way up to 140mph (i think it could have gone more but didn't wanna take the piss :lol: ). It enhialates my MX,
    AND ITS A TURBO DIESEL!!!! :( :cry:

  • OH And it has 6 gears, so when you are not being a lunatic you coast along doing just under 2000rpm at 60mph and you return 60MPG!!!!!! :shock: :shock:

    Them germans sure can build motors :)

  • never thought of a kit car?? surely youd be able to get one for under 3K

    id suggest the nova idea though, with the redtop turbo engine, the nova can be bought for a couple of hundred quid, the engine for £500 fitting kits for £200, so you have £2100 for uprating the turbo and 75BHP of NOS

  • For £3000 your looking at:

    Vauxhall Calibra Turbo £1500 - £2500 then MOD with extra cash
    Honda Prelude 2.2Vti £2000 - £3000 buy cheap and mod
    Toyota MR2 Rev3 Twin Turbo - £2800 - £3500 Rev3 is V fast
    Mazda MX3 £250 - £1800+ the best looking by far :wink: but not fast unless you do a KLZE


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