Cam belt tensioner?

  • Ay up all, does any one know how a new V6 cam belt tensioner arrives?? by that I mean in what position is the plunger in?

    1. Compressed and pinned through plunger and body?

    2. Fully released with plunger completely extended?

    Reason is I have a tensioner that I KNOW to be nearly new, and need to know how to store it for when mine eventually goes??? (shite! that's it now I've gone and said it :o).

    Cheers all kev b.

  • I think I've only ever bought one, went manual tensioner since then, and it was delivered compressed. I can't see the storage affecting shelf life too much :?:

  • Cheers Marco, kind of confirmed what I originally thought, but wasn't sure :?

    The manual adjuster?, is it adjusted on installation then gets hidden under covers? can it be re adjusted easily or is it same procedure as with cam belt change? ie all ancillaries off top hose drain etc, etc? :(.

    Will compress tensioner, pin it and wrap in vapor proof paper and store in kitchen drawer! :lol:

    kev b.

  • For a manual adjuster:

    -drill out the bottom of the hydraulic tensioner
    -weld on a nut to the open end
    -find a corresponding bolt to thread in (this now does the work of the hydraulic pressure)
    -install an extra nut to lock the bolt in place

    I'll add pics at some stage, but saw it on probetalk.

  • :D Cheers Marco x

    Is it 'goggles on time' when drilling into casing!!!! :shock:

    kind of know what's to be done… but pics V much appreciated x :)

    kev b.


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