Arch blisters?

  • Can you get arch blisters for the mx-3?

    If so, any links etc?

    Seen a few on ebay but they are either generic or stupid money. Also toyed with the idea of making fome frp ones myself :?

    Cheers :)

  • Was expecting this post to be about arch rust lol never heard them called that before. I take it you are refering to fender flares/bolt on arches/over fenders.

    To my knowledge there isn't anything off the shelf so to speak that fits straight on, it would be a case of modding some to fit I would imagine.

    Here is a link to some that I was considering as they are ABS plastic rather than GRP/FRP at a very reasonable price in many different sizings.

  • Thanks for the link, looks very interesting! :cheers: That's exactly what I was on about :)

  • there are some manufactured fit ones available in chrome or black but they dont flare realy they just sit over the existing arch which is good for covering the dreaded rust bubbles

  • "What 'dreaded rust bubbles' ????????" :D


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