Problem - Transmission freak accident, broke after overhaul

  • We took out the engine and seperated it from the transmission, put everything back. The clutch, pressure plate and everything. refilled the fluid trough the side. Started car and started fine. The axles were on right. Nothing was locked up. We put it in reverse and then it locked in reverse. We somehow got it to unlock. The again it got locked, feathered in the clutch and then the transmission case cracked..

    We did not open it, we didnt drop anything in it. We did hit the side of the axle with the wheel hub to get it in. You think that may have caused it?? Do you guys think this was due to a bad transmission? any input appreciated. Car was driving fine before this.

  • manual or auto??

  • Its manual.

  • could be slipped sync mesh…..

  • admin

    I would have to agree with Valley there, or it could not have been aligned correctly during installation.

    Is the clutch ok or is that damaged too?


  • It seems what went wrong is we didnt leave the half shaft in the transmission and the gears dropped. All hell broke loose when we tried to drive it. Apparently you are supposed to leave the lalfshaft there or put a socket in there so that the diff doesnt move.

  • Got an mx6 transmission installed. Works great.


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