• I'm thinking about getting some for my Mx-3 but are they really worth having? What do people think? I've read they are better for light than the originals. I think they make the car look a little meaner.

    I've noticed not many users have got them though, why's that?

  • Maybe some members like 'em more than others and are willing to sacrifice the Mazda glass for Chinese plastic with the idea of better lighting. Think they can look Ok on darker coloured cars tbh, but on anything else I think they ruin the lines of the front end. I went through a phase of wanting some then I saw the light ;) 8)

  • Yeah agreed on the cheap plastic. I guess if I had a set and then decide, it would be easier. I bought a set of Altezza lights and they fogged up very easily and decided to go back to the originals… Hmm.

  • I've got a set, but not fired them up yet. Kept the stoke ones thou just in case!

  • they are 10 times better at night with the projectors you can see a whole lot more than standards and if you have a lght cloured car they do make silver

    Most come in LHD set up and very rare to find proper RHD versons or they are expensive
    I made a how to on converting a LHD set to RHD here


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