Oil cooler

  • I am a bit lost at the momet with this rebuild and its all over an oil cooler, the oil filter I have just discovered has connectors for an external oil cooler, it has 2 x 12mm push on connectors for pipes with 12mm internal diameter but im a little lost on the oil colers as they all have UNF or AN-10 onnectors and I cant find one that has the an-10 connctors that go to a push on pipe connector

    Some help please :x

  • Your need to use a 10mm to 12mm adaptor like this left over one I happen to have from my oil cooler addition. It's 10mm to 12mm.
    I kept the oem one that you mentioned and added a sandwich plate to add another front mounted cooler.

    Don't know how much they cost but you can have it if you pm me your address

  • I think I have just cracked it because all the oil coolers have bsp connectors and just need to find the correct cooler and connctors, its been a ball ache,
    I will keep at 12mm its jus all measured in old skool for oil coolers so I need half inch connectors and the oil cooler i need to just buy the rad, the bse connectors and a length of hose :bigok:

    I rthink lol, im too tired to concentate properly on this

  • Yeah it's just buying the right connections. They are all out there. Are you fitting a mocal cooler ?. I got my connections and threads from demon tweaks.
    I double clipped all my connections to be sure of no leaks under pressure given the fragile nature of the bloody engine with low oil!.

  • I cannot fimnd the rifght connectors, its something to do tomorrow now, all I need is mocal connector to join an AN-10 radiator but mocal do everything in bsp and cannot find conversion table :(


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