Some info request

  • Hallo guys , i already requested some info in my introduction thread.

    Some question in my mind .
    I have a '92 american version V6 1845 98Kw.

    About spare parts:

    1. ECU of mine is k801 .
      There are compatible versions or should i look only for that version for a spare one? I found people selling Euro version ,which is labeled dfferently .

    2. A/C of mine is noisy .
      Are A/C compressors /systems
      all the same for the various versions of the car ?
      Did'nt get to see for myself, as it's "hidden".

    Other things i would ask , but first i check searching the forum to find out if are already covered.


  • ECU should be the same IIRC.

    AC, check the belt and if it's gassed. There is a 100% Mazda OEM complete AC kit on Ebay for £120 delivered to the UK.

  • that's handy re the ac kit as the ac on my az3 leaked out.
    they stuck the newer stuff in and it was designed for the older stuff.

    reckon i need the compressor resealed and maybe a new radiator, incase a leak there?

    miss it on the hot days, black car/hot sun not good lol.

  • Not sure bud to be honest.

    The kits not on eBay atm, (or at least, I can't find it) but it comes and goes. A number of us (me included) picked one up and it's for the newer type, but IIRC he did have the old one as well.

    It's designed for the UK spec, so us poor import gents have to do some electrical trickery to get around the UK switches and shizzile.

  • I've never seen an ECU fault on an MX-3, so I wound not bother getting a spare.

  • Ty guys!!!!!.
    Ecu are labeled differently there and there but compatible you say ,cool.

    No i dont plan to buy another Ecu at full price but i did find in Italy
    (YESTERDAY ,AFTER i DID buy the NEW Distributor from Germany) a guy with a 1992 car , and he could sell me
    parts ( distributor for 60€ , gonna take one more spare ) .

    So i'm gonna check which parts he could take apart for himself and ship to me .

    About A/C , i already (did LET IT) changed gas (2 times) and cleaned , and noise got bit worst ,
    in the sense it was audible under 1500 when before was only under 1000 rpm .
    When they are for sell , i would apreciate a link to understand which part i would actually need

    Any advice on part i should looking for would be apreciated too!

  • Ok Distributor (german compatible one) taken and Car is on the road!^^
    ECU was fine , as you all told me ;) .

    Only thing i seem to notice a bit of lack in how it "raises" when i accelerate, dunno if its my impression only ..
    they told me is impossible , that it can depends from distributor regulation/registration .

    Do you know maybe
    Where i could find a good list of "most frequent parts "
    i should looking for , for spare?


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