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  • whilst on the subjet of polish… i have a green/blue mx. and have my worries about the turtle wax polish stuff. there is either blue or green that can be used to cut back the paint job on the car. therefore does anyone have any ideas what would be best to use!!

    also i dont like using this white t cut knowing its good it one t cut out some lil stone chips etc.

  • I use autoglym wash, red turtle wax (replace with colour of choice) and a chip stick.

    I tried T cut but even after the waxing it still looked a bit pink till I put on a coat of turtle wax.

  • Just been T cutting my girlfriends mx 5, and it looks like a new car!!!
    Was hard work tho, but well worth it!

    When i polish mine, i use that red turtle wax stuff really good and it doesnt leave white powder everywhere!

  • i know the turtle wax stuff is good used it on my old 100nx red. but my mx is not excatly green or blue.

    anyone know what to use??

  • :? pass. Try getting a green & a blue and trying them out on an inconspicuous area of paint work to see which gives the better finish?

  • if not mate clay bar it, my bro use it with really good effects!

  • Clay bar, and if you can find someone with a portacable polisher then get them to give it a good going over with a Swirls remover. I used Poorboys SSR on mine to get the swirls out. I only use megs stuff now though.

  • ty fellas… on subject of cleaning cars. i went to some cheapy shop today. something like wilkson's and pick up some car was gel and wax (one of each) the wash gel is ok. but the instant wax is great. no buffing required. just wet car and apply the wax gel with a cloth smearing it off. then when finished. just wipe off attached dust. car is shiny as. will get you the name.

  • This may sound sad, but i turned tv over andwatched like a qvc prog, there is this stuff in a spray and you just spray and wipe, no need for water or polish
    You can go over the windows too!

  • dude thats so wrong…. but whats the name of it lol. looks like you have anothe few hours watching qvc for us lot :lol:


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