Is £350 a good price for an MX-3 these days?

  • Is £350 a good price for an MX-3 these days?

    75000 miles
    11.5 months MOT

    I havent bought one In so long I just don't know what thy are worth any more.

    I also noticed its more expensive to insure a 1.6 auto than a 1.8 manual these days???

    And its much more expensive to insure a pre 1994 car?? Guess the ceap insurers are not accepting cars that old?

  • compared to a lot of other cars thats pretty good

  • Spotted a 1.6 auto for £250 with a full MOT on it in last weeks AdTrader paper.

    The guys wife died and he couldn't stand looking at the car anymore as it was hers and just wanted it gone.

    It would have cost me £350 all in by the time I had gone to look at it and had it delivered (no tax).

    But in the end I couldn't get a decent insurance quote because i'm already the main driver on my girlfriends car as she has just passed her test so can't afford to get her own.

    I wasn't prepared to pay more than £250 and all the cheap insurers who offer multicar insurance AND will mirror your no claims will only insure cars up to 16 years old.

    So if anyone is looking for an MX-3 there is a cheap one in the AdTrader South West paper. The paper says its in Wellington but its actually in Appledore.

    I'm pretty sure it was AdTrader but it could have been freeads.


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