Mx3 problems

  • Hi all

    Just brought a k reg mx3 v6 , it's been off the road for a couple of years although been as started regularly until the last few months , previous owner removed battery as it was knackered , I put a new battery on today and nothing , no lights or any noises. , its a got a toad alarm fitted , could it have an immobiliser too , any suggestions , do they have a shutdown mode ???


  • the car doesnt have a shut down mod but if nothing is coming on and its a fresh battery i would check to make sure its 100% new and hooked up right. Also check the battery wires and make sure they are tip top. Then if all else fails the alarm is more than likely at fault. There is really nothing else i can think of…

  • Does your Horn Work? Hazard lights? Lights? Heater? Spark etc etc

    Check all fuses inc the big ones in the engine bay.

    Do you have the keyfob? Have you tried putting fresh batteries in it?

    Following that check all the pressure points for the alarm. They are wired to a button on the bonnet and usually both doors. Give the buttons a spray with electrical contact cleaner then press them in and out about 50 times each.

    Then start following wires and make sure nothing has come loose.

  • Thanks
    No horn or hazard , but got headlights for some reason , no dashboard lights

    Have a keyfob for alarm ( it's a toad alarm) the fob green light lights up when you press it ,so assume battery's ok , only opens by key on door ( one door at a time , no central locking)

    Haven't done anything else to it , only collected yesterday and put a fresh battery on it


  • I wouldn't assume keyfob battery is ok just because it lights up.

    When you say you put a new battery on it, was it new or second hand?

    Get a multimeter on it and test it, but that won't give you its performance under load.

    Did you accidentally short the battery putting it in or when taking the old one out? That will blow the main fuses.

    I'd check them next, make sure you undo the battery!!!!! before looking at the main fuses. They are bolted into the fuse box in the engine bay.

    Check all the grounds and where they go to the alternator and starter. Give the starter a good tap.

  • Brand new battery from halfords.

    I didn't take the old battery out so perhaps it could have blown the fuse , I will take the main fuse and start with that , will let you know how I get on

    Thanks for your help

  • best way is find the wiring diagram for the alarm to see if its an immobiliser too, they usually put the control box under the plastic surround for the gear stick as its quite central so you can find the details from that, if it is find the 3 cables they use to immobilise it and short them out then that cuts out the immobiliser part
    If that doesnt work check the large fuses in the box and there should be a 75amp and 100amp in a small black box under the bonnet for the main ignition and the relays too as one of those not clicking could stop the ignition feed

  • Please re check the polarity of battery terminals?

    If you have headlights, then bulbs and related switches are about the only NONE polarity sensitive items on car! (ie a bulb will light from a battery which ever way round you connect them!) :shock:

    Also Halfords have many batteries that have posts in same position but terminal polarity is reversed!!!

    Viewed from front of car looking towards bulkhead, stock battery terminals are on left of battery:
    Front is + positive terminal
    Rear is - negative terminal

    Always worth double checking anything from 'Hellfuds' :?

    kev b.

  • Oooops :oops: just seen the date on the initial post!!!!! Ah well, I hope lawrenca has sorted it by now and is 'STILL' not scratchin his head??? :shock:


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