Air filter fitting

  • Well I've finally found the air filter I wanted and now have to work out how to fit it. I'd like to do the entire thing in silicone but don't know exactly what I'd need to do so. I'd like to mount it something like this but I do know I'd need a good elbow joint to come from the inlet manifold due to the strange bent shape but what size and what else? Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • That is a picture of my old engine bay from my track car. When i mounted that filter i was lucky to have a huge box of various silicone pipes at my disposal. If you grab a vernier gauge and measure the inlet diameter and airflow meter you can then order what you need of ebay for not a lot of pennies you can make a nice custom in take. :) good luck.

    And with a nice exhaust set up it should sound like this ;)

  • i got a heat shielded air filter..removed air box and it went in no issues and looks all right.. was really cheap and didnt need to spend anything on the piping..

  • Thanks Mechanic. I originally tried to buy that filter from the current owner but he no longer had it. Luckily a random search on Fleabay came up with the same universal fitting under Audi S3 for £40. Makes a cracking sound on that vid. So does that old Vauxhall Monza! Something new cars lack is a characterful exhaust note and thats the reason I bought the MX3.

  • Btw what exhaust did u have?

  • I made it at work. Stainless headers of ebay then a decat pipe and for the track i had small silencer with a right angle that came out by the drivers sill.

  • Well, after removing all of the standard intake , loosing a 12mm socket and snapping the bolt on the plastic air directing thing above the rad I've found that it doesn't fit! Its just too long. Is there any way of either:-
    1 : shortening the length of the intake system,
    2 : relocating the expansion tank or,
    3 : a combination of both.

    I think the easiest would be to move the tank first. I'd like to change the rubber hose at some point possibly with the kit from ProbeStore minus the pipe from the MAF down but this would seem the easiest start. Anyone done this before or have any ideas?

    Mechanic, thats a nice job mate.

  • Well, ive ordered part of the cold air intake from ROC in order to shorten the length of pipework involved. Hope it helps….....


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