Loud screeching from front wheel

  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you guys can help with a problem with my '93 V6.

    It has developed a really loud screech when I steer to the right. Only happened in the last couple of weeks - sounds like it's coming from the driver's side wheel.

    I replaced all the brake pads in May, and it passed the MOT with no problems. I had it in Kwik Fit last week for an oil and filter change - they checked the brakes and suspension and didn't report any visible problems.

    I'm suspecting I may need to replace the Anti-Squeal Shims (again - used fresh ones in May with the new pads) but my question is mainly that the screech still happens even when I'm not braking…

    ...does it make sense that these shims will screech (if incorrectly fitted) even when I'm just steering and not braking?

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

  • admin

    Is the car lower'd at all??


  • backing plates. behind disc's could be rubbing

  • Hi

    The car isn't lowered.

    The backing plates looked OK when I had the wheel off this morning, but will have a second check tomorrow when I have some help.


  • great soon as i read this last night my left front is squeaking whilst beaking. not happy. going to clean it off and get checked on wed.

  • ok…. lil worried here. i changed my pads a few weeks ago. as they were totally gone. however i asked for all clips etc and they said there were none. just use what you got.so i did a check and swapped everything as came out. but the pins i had on were just two split pins to go thru holes of pad pins.

    since yesterday when i reverse and touch break to stop im getting a click on the drivers front.

    anyone know any ideas what this could be??

  • Sounds like it could be your CV joint on the way out. Does it make a clicking noise when you corner?

    As for the brake clips–----> http://www.fordprobestore.co.uk/store/product_info.php?cPath=51_75&products_id=754

  • cv joints are both brand new had done just under a month ago. so i think that would rule that out of the equation.

    the sound is only when i touch the breaks when i reverse. no happening any other time at all.

    will see if i can get thoes clips around here as the post is on strike and not sure if they use a company or royal mail to send items.

    taking the mx down service station tomorrow to get checked out

  • i had this problem with mine and what i did was to strip the brakes down and free of and grease the sliders at the back of the caliper because if there sticking it can make your pads go quicker and make all sorts of noises

  • gotta get the clips… even thou they were not there when i took old pads off. not happy day for me esp with fixed fine for crap thing.

  • Yeah, the clips make a differance. I left the little M shaped ones off mine last time I did my pads and it made my car sound like a milk float full of empties for a week until I managed to find where I'd left them on the garage floor. :lol:

  • picking up my clip kit tomorrow. from my parts centre only costing 4.50. all sweet. :lol: just hope they ordered the correct part as ordered over the phone. :oops:

  • Did this screeching ever go away? Mine did the same but was my power steering belt. The manual explains how to retension it. I struggled as my locking nut on the pump had frozen. In the end with loads of WD40 I managed it. Should of swapped the belt really as recently snapped and bye bye to my power steering. Its really heavy with 17"s on. Still when I swap my engine I will get it back I hope.

  • as this has come up again. one big simple thing to note and to check is your backing plate / dust cover to the disc's. i had new ball joint put in back last year and my machanic slightly moved the plate with out noticing. therefore now and again it was rubbing against the disc and causing a screaching sound.kinda like when you sharpen somthing on a grinder. a simple pull on the cover then thinking. ummmm its too old rip it off fixed the problem. also it helps with more air to the disc.

  • Kind of disconcerting when it happens in a traffic jam on the A1 tho :lol: I thought my wheel was gonna drop off and it turned out to just be the crap guard behind the brake disc that had started rubbing.


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