Cooling issues, need direction please?

  • Idle started being slightly rough the other day. Lucky I was just about to park up.

    Whipped out the plugh & they where all white so its gotten a bit hot.

    Oil and water levels where fine and there where no leaks anywhere.

    Ran out of time so next day, warmed up the car and found that the thermostat to rad hose was still cool. Took TS out and tested, didnt budge.

    Brought a new one & gasket and just fitted (Tested the new part beforehand and it worked fine :)). Warmed up engine but hose still only gets warm while the one from the filler cap is very hot.

    Car got up to opperating temp & fan didnt come on. I didnt want to leave it running longer as the motor felt hotter than it should but it didnt have a bad idle.

    Any ideas folks?

    Im hoping that the water pump hasnt failed but that would be almost impossable luck as the thermostat would have gone at the same time too!!

  • Just to add that the radiator is also cold (which would follow as the pipe after the stat is also cool)

    Would I be really unlucky for the water pump to go at the same time?

    Could there be a blockage in the system?

    I followed the workshop manual for the stat, just to make sure! Including refilling the system so there shouldn't be any air locks (I hope)

  • Sounds like the pump has failed to me fella. Did you test your old stat by dropping it in boiling water and seeing if it opened or just tried to force it open?

    Once the cooling systems have been opened up they pretty much self bleed them selves (if the pump is working that is).

  • Hi, thanks for the reply!

    Managed to fix this this morning!

    Yeah I have learnt from the past not to order anything before testing (old stat failed) and also to test before fitting (thankfully new one worked fine!)

    I'll just admit it - the system had several air locks and I confused them with a blown HG (champagne test) Yes i am a tool!

    On the plus side, car now has new coolant, new stat and new gasket!

  • Good job well done.


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