Fuel tank/pump problems

  • hi guys

    my az3 1.5L is having some trouble with the fuel system.
    basically the car cuts out as if no fuel is getting to the engine when turning right and only right, say when the tank is a little under half full, ie the fuel gauge needle is just under the half way mark.

    i haven't taken the fuel pump out to check, will get my mechanic to try that.

    what i was looking to know was the fuel neck and tank, are they the same on a 1992 az3 as the uk 1.6L model? does anyone know where you can get a new fuel neck with the air breather (three pipes coming out of the air breather) and a new tank in the UK?

    as my az3 is an import it's difficult to get certain parts, thought i'd ask.


  • Hmm you can drop by some night and we can take a look. Not sure without seeing. Worth taking pump out for inspection anyway. Only takes 5-10mins.

  • I'm breaking a 1.5 AZ3 atm, if you need anything. It did 110Miles to get me home before I parked it up so it's runs fine.

  • thanks guys. it's the fuel neck really will need fixing or replacing, as the breather part which has the three small pipes coming out of it at the bottom has rusted away at the top and needs replacing. if you have a spare fuel neck assembly. i have seen one on ebay but it's in germany and can only go by pics to judge if is correct.

    thanks marco, i might be able to get some time at my mechanics to take the pump out. but i'll keep you in mind as i am not driving her at the moment as need to keep her over the 1/2 mark on the gauge to not stall out when driving.

    as far as i am aware there are two hoses connecting into the fuel pump and inside the tank the pump sits with a sock on the end which keeps the dirt etc out of the fuel being pumped out. i thought all the fuel was moving to the left when turning right at the half way mark and maybe a bollard in the tank had rusted away to prevent the fuel moving about too quickly.

    but thanks for the help guys as it's great to have more people with an az3.
    as the car is parked up the front calipers have got seized up and i was wondering for the az3 what calipers should i get, i usually get the rears off a 323 f bg.

    i have a few questions about bits and bobs, such as removing the az3 instrument cluster to replace a bulb. i also used to have problems with dipped headlights staying on when going from full beam to dipped. it is the white plug that goes into the stalk cluster and i had to tie it up a certain way to keep it connecting correctly. still works though, so not a big problem at the moment.

  • ok so left the az3 at a mechanics and said to drain the fuel tank and check the fuel pump under the rear seat. they recommended getting the tank done up, there is a place local that can recondition fuel tanks so will get that done.

    tried starting her today, wouldn't fire up at all :(
    so got towed over to the garage.

    went to get a fuel filter and none in stock, even when the parts place i use rang their suppliers.

    so anyone know where i can get a new fuel filter for a 1992 az3 1498cc?

  • Sounds like the same problem I had with my 1.8 v6. Opened up the fuel tank and it was full of crap. This caused blockages in the tank itself. Cleaned the tank as best I could, but the issue soon returned. The tank then developed a big leak.

    As with you, it was only a problem when turning right. Not sure why this was.

    I am breaking mine now and never resolved this fuel problem. Hope you have better luck.

  • mmm, probably mine is full of crap too and now it has jammed up the fuel lines and fuel filter as won't even start.

    but if i get the tank drained and removed i will get it opened and reconditioned so hopefully it'll be like new again and then clean up the fuel pump and be back in business. give the injectors a clean too and a new fuel filter.

  • @ef5f2cadcf=spoddyaz3:

    mmm, probably mine is full of crap too and now it has jammed up the fuel lines and fuel filter as won't even start.

    but if i get the tank drained and removed i will get it opened and reconditioned so hopefully it'll be like new again and then clean up the fuel pump and be back in business. give the injectors a clean too and a new fuel filter.

    Mine was fine most of the time, just on a right hand turn. Hope you get it sorted.

    If not, I have a 1.8 v6 that is coming out and going up for sale if you are interested… :mrgreen:

  • well tank will be drained and taken out to be professionally refurbed.
    then clean up the fuel pump and reinstall with the fuel neck refurned and new fuel lines and fuel filter.

    hopefully that'll get her starting again and will see if the right turn issues return. i had thought it might be a fuel tank hose broken and so the fuel does not get pumped out properly.

    will see how it goes next week.

  • The 1.6 fuel filter was the same for my az3 so try that :)

  • well i will need a new fuel neck.

    tank got taken out and cleaned, fuel had lot of water in it, hence no starting.

    here is the neck out of the car.

    another view

    these bits were attached too, but gunked up, not sure what they are.

    it looks the same as this if you can all look and let me know as can order one up.


  • well managed to get a brand new fuel neck assembly from believe it or not
    the mazda dealership. like the old saying its always the last place you look lol.

    its the same as the UK mx3, £146 inc VAT. will hopefully have car all sorted by next week. so new filler neck, reconditioned fuel tank with renu inside and out. fuel pump all cleaned up, new fuel filter and bought some wax oil to treat up in around the body and fuel neck to keep rust away.

    looking forward to seeing the difference, be like a brand new fuel system.
    will get the injectors cleaned too. be handy if someone has a spare set that i can clean and swap over that will fit the 1.5L engine on the az3.

  • so reconditioned fuel tank back in with the new fuel neck pipe and new fuel filter on. filled the car up and started her.

    few injectors not working, sounding like a tractor, no power.
    ran some fuel injector cleaner into the petrol and tried running the engine for a while at various revs.

    got lori's spare injectors and fitted today, purring like a kitten, driving better.

    now to replace front calipers, a tune up and that should be me :)

    but great to have the engine running properly again.

  • so new front calipers fitted, new fuel injector seals fitted.
    car running well, sitting at 1500rpm at idle. so adjusted the screw, so now 1000-1200rpm roughly. still a bit high, but the screw won't turn any more.

    will take a few drive cycles to settle i suppose and will adjust the screw position back to where it was again.

    but glad to have her back on the road again.

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