How to tint rear indicators and add LED bulbs.

  • Decided to tackle the light tinting this afternoon, I took my time probably took me about 5 hours to complete one.

    Using prep same as you would for paint, wash. degrease, dry.

    So becuase I am using LED bulbs the current draw is alot less so the indicators flash rather rapidly. To slow this down we needed to add inline
    a resistor relay, all ready made up these where £4 a pair and the bulbs around £8-£15 depending on which ones you go for. E-tech tint spray was around £7.

    Bulb is a very good fit!

    These relays get hot so best to have them up against the bodywork
    to dissapate that buildup better.

    Taking out the reverse white light.

    On! still amber after 3 light coats of tint.


    Overall effect, happy with that but think only 2 not 3 coats on the reverse light would do as it looks a little darker then the rest of the light.

    Could do with a clear coat though, little bit matt in some places.


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