T-Cut help please….

  • Help…...................

    Poor MX3 is looking a little pale, she is a little bit pink, especialy on the bonnet area.

    I have normal T-cut, red colour T-cut and various waxes.

    Anyone got any tips for using T-cut to get the best results?

  • do what is says on the tin lol, just make sure you polish it after, oh and dont rub the t cut to much u will expose bare metal!!!

  • get some autoglym super resin polish and gloss protection (wax). works for me.

  • Thanks for the advice.

    I decided to use some red colour T-cut, lots of it, which worked realy well. Then followed up by Zymol polish to make her look like new. The results were out outstanding, Zymol is quite expensive but well worth it.

    Planning on putting another coat of polish on her this week to seal everything in especialy with the winter comming up.

  • If you ever fancy moping your car, use Farecla G3 and Farecle G10. You will need an electric buffer, but a cheap halfauds one will do the job fine. Just a little slower…

    Your paint will come up brand new!


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