Help keeps overheating

  • i have my 1.8 v6 mx3 and it keeps overheating put new thermostat in it no water in the oil no oil in water over heating really bad alot of water coming from exhgaust it was park in front of white garage door and the engine was running left huge black watery mark and alot of black soot get white clouds of smoke when it starts over heating and for a couple of minutes when cold start put as much as i can can anyone help please i used to have nothing but honda but since ive had my mx3 i wouldnt look back i love my mx3 please tell me it can be saved please help :(

  • that unfortunately sounds like the head gasket has gone and the water is going into the cylinder and not the oil
    The only way to test it is take to a garage and get a co2 test on the water system, if it is its not going to be cheap im afraid

  • ive3 changed the head gasket on quite a few cars before but just nocked me a but as its allways been water in the oil all creamie thout it was head gasket im not worried about doing it myself but you have just made my suspitions right looks like im gonna have to do the head gasket and might as well rebuild the heads wile im at it ouch thanks for the advise i dont care how much work or money it takes it is i love my mx3 gota be done :)

  • The white smoke will be water being evaporated in the cylinders, if you start it from cold with water cap off it will probably bubble with exhaust gasses in the water system

  • yeah it does like ive put washing up liquid in it lol i will just get a head gasket kit and do the valve stem seals and change every gasket and seal on the heads

  • cool, im in the middle of doing that myself, or make your car more fun and whack a 2.5 mx6 engine in it you wont regret it :imout:

  • Check the old head gaskets for signs of where they are gone, if they both look good check for cracks in the head.

    If its been overheating then i'd get the heads skimmed and pressure tested.

    Don't use a head gasket from ebay, get a decent one from a motor factors.

    The head bolts are stretch bolts so should also be replaced really. You can measure them and check they are within tolerence but i'd just get new ones.

  • Just had mine skimmed and tested at £70 each because there were no signs and I bought a full kit with bolts

    chiltons manuals have the full torque settings in the book


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