Wiring in dials

  • I've just finished fitting my new green Speedhut dials but haven't a clue how to wire them. The other write ups on here seem to recommend wiring it to the dash dimmer switch so I have removed my switch and the airvent above it. Question is which wires to use. As you can see in the photo below theres a couple to choose from but I don't have a multimeter to test it or even know how to use one. I also no idea how to join the wires. I don't have an electrical shop anywhere near me to get anything more than standard wire connectors unfortunately. As you can see there are three wires coming from the car, one black, one red and one red and black. The new wires are one red and one black. Would it be as simple as splicing the red one to the red one and the black to a metal screw somewhere?

  • Black needs to be connected to earth. I will pull out my dimmer tomorrow and see what connection is and keep you posted.

  • Knew it was here somewhere!.


    Splice red cable onto black and red wire as per bottom of link above

  • Thanks mate. Tried that but nothing. I put the black wire from the new bits to one of the screws holding the dashboard in place. Could that be the problem?

  • Re try the negative point and check your splice has cut into the core correctly. As the dimmer wiring is quite thin it may not have spliced correctly.
    Bitch to get the splice apart but will go with a small terminal


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