How to….....Get rid of all the nasty gaps on the dashboard

  • Before I paint my console either white or glossy piano black, I wanted to smarten it up as much as possible. As I have just got a new blanking plate (courtesy of Mr 4Danes) I decided to smooth the rest out.

    Tools required:-
    X-head screwdriver
    Fine sandpaper
    One tube of flexible, paintable filler. In this case I used…..........No More Nails. Cheaper than the epoxys I was considering and should do the job nicely.

    Step 1 - Remove the centre console by removing the two screws above the heater controls and the two screws behind the ashtray. Jiggle it about a bit and it should just pop free. Remove the air vents by simply pulling them out from the bottom.

    Step 2 - Unscrew the blanking plate from the rear of the console and and clean all around the edges of both it and the hole it fills. Do the same to the plug in the air vent which just pushes out from the front. Replace both. Fill kettle and switch on. Whilst waiting for it to boil, place one standard teabag into your fav mug, add sugar/milk to taste. When water is boiling, add to the mug with the teabag. Remove teabag after a min or so and stir. Enjoy this beverage whilst waiting for the cleaner to dry fully.

    Step 3 - Using a sealant gun, fill the gaps around the edges as shown in the pics below. Smooth off the filler by wetting your finger however you deem fit and running it over the sealant. Leave to dry for a few hours.

    Step 4 - When dry, sand to smooth finish before priming and painting as detailed in my other post.

    Step 5 - Clean up the inevitable mess before she finds out that you've been messing with car parts on the kitchen table.


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