• Hi, Does anyone know the if driveshafts from any other model will fit my manual gearbox please?

  • Hi fella what spec mx3 do you currently have and which side are you after and is it the inner or outer shaft you require and whats the diagnosis as to the reason you think you require one? :o

  • Hi, all I know is its 1850cc manual. Its the drivers side and the whole shaft flew out loosing the bearings from the gearbox end

  • Eeer! :? If youve lost bearings from gearbox end?? NEW GEABOX!!!!!
    The 'drivers side', OS Driveshaft is the longer of the two and is connected at the inner end via a Tripod type joint which is in turn connected to a support shaft which enters the gearbox/diff, Are you stating the WHOLE shaft 'FLEW OUT', exposing a SPLINED END or the tripod (3 rollers) joint has broken up, exposing a THREE SIDED END as there are no 'bearings' other than in gearbox/diff or outer CV joint and wheel bearings at wheel end???

    Did it fly out while driving?

    A pic would help if ya able?


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