The man cave.

  • Or in my case, the man garden.

    What's yours look like :)

  • Blimey, that is bad. My wife would go nuts I think.
    Luckily my shed is storing a full Golf GT TDi interior and my garage has the door cards, a set of wheels and a full set of shocks/springs.
    I had hoped to sell the interior and wheels by now but it seems like I'll end up keeping them as I've had no takers at all.

    ps. I think it's a nice excuse for you to get a nice new shed built. :)

  • That looks crazy,man!!!!But the only difference between mine and yours is i have all that and lots more scrap under the roof. :respect: :rofl:

  • Thats how mine would look if I wasnt married lol

  • I have a wooden shed outside with all my building materials and dirty stuff, in the hallway is all my turbo kit, and a few months back there was 4 alloys in the kitchen and 2 celica seats in the dining room, so my man cave is all around lol still keep all my tools and jack in the kitchen though! Im happily married and my lovely wife puts up with it all as She knows it part of who I am :D

  • Its lucky the wife to be isnt mazda mad otherwise it would be her lady garden


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