Lets talk flywheels? & ERG

  • Flywheels: where can I get a lightened one and why are they better?

    ERG: I Assume it's the triangle part at the back, with a little "V" shaped clip that opens and closes something that looks like a TB opening.

    From what I remember, it opens and closes depending on RPM to do something with the mixture? But then, why do people remove them? Doesn't that make the engine have the wrong mix?

    And since my engine is now out, best to remove it now? & if so, is it a case of just sawing off the flip thing on the inside?

  • I would guess an engineering shop would be good as they couold lighten it with drilling precisely to make sure its still balanced
    the lightened flywheel gives more acceleration as it doesnt restrict th engine revs due ti its mass

    The EGR on the rear of the engine, looks like a 1950s space ship, it connects the inlet manifold and the small pipe from the exhaust manifold and basically releases hot gasses back into the inlet side to make it run more enviromentally friendly.
    Cut that bitch out and block the holes up, it runs better on nice cold dense air and this year with 2 less cats in the manifolds that they fit in the equipes it had perfect emissions test and gives you a 5hp boost apparently with out that hot exhaust gas going back into the engine

  • I'll see what can be done about the flywheel locally.

    ERG be going then. lol

    Thanks bud.

  • I have never liked the idea of having a flywheel lightened, too many horror stories of them breaking.

    How much does the standard flywheel weigh:?:

    For example, would an MX-5 flywheel fit :?: Not saying to use a standard one (as I would imagine they are the same or heavier) but the aftermarket would have several options which you could buy?

  • Enter a google search or ebay search for lightened flywheels, some will be dedicated to model, then there will be standard ones modified or lightened by motor engineering bods who specialise in race mods etc!
    The bespoke ones or engine specific, will be alloy and cnc'd machined with a cast in smaller, lighter friction face of steel/iron.
    The modified standard ones will usually be machined thinner, and sometimes have a ring of holes or elongations machined out of the body of the flywheel. Some race flywheels even have an alloy anodised starter ring gear fitted but dont have the longevity for everyday use, as generally the car will only be started once each race!
    The main reason for lightening is to reduce inertia or the energy that is created by the pistons and crank to rotate a heavy flywheel, being lighter the engine will spin up/rev quicker and translate more of the power into faster forward motion of the vehicle.
    Lightened, there will be adverse effects for none race engines and general driving in that when drive is disengaged via clutch, due to the lack of inertia, the revs will drop very quickly and engine braking will increase when decelerating, noticed in car by jerky changes at low rpm and sideways glances from concerned passengers!!! :shock:

    EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation, is exacty that! a small amount of exhaust gas is ducted or recirculated (from the rear bank on K series engines iirc) back into the plenumn chamber via a temp and vaccum controlled valve, behind the throttle plate, at certain rpm and load conditions to further reduce exhaust emmisions.
    The reason for removal of the system is for a small increase in bhp, as during normal recirculation, the ideal intake, fuel to air ratio of 14:1 is dilluted by an 'already burnt' recirculated mixture also containing none combustable gases, hence reducing efficiency/power.

    DJ has just summed up in only two sentances what ive typed and waffled on for last twenty! So to summarise, WHAT HE SAID ! :rofl:
    AS proved on here before, im no expert, just loads of time and a gift for boring people lol kev b.

  • Personally I'd bin the egr.

    Check out aasco and fidanza flywheels for mx3/mx6/ford probe v6. I loved mine, revved like a beastly bike.

  • I am considering sorting my 'leaky' rear cam cover at weekend? so in light of recent posts about EGR removal, and as it will be more exposed during above proceedure, i too will look at dissableing/ removing it??

    Can the valve be left in place and just the contols be removed from valve and left connected to vaccum and loom connections so the ECU still thinks its doing its job? I would not wish a permanent removal as concerned about emmissions at MOT time? Direction greatly received :P kev b.

  • Hey guys,

    EGR has been a fixture on US spec cars for at least 4 decades. True, it pulls inert exhaust gas in to the intake at part throttle, to reduce combustion temperature. However, EGR doesn't work at full throttle, so there is no net loss of horsepower. Leave it on if you can. I had to remove mine for space consideration when I swapped my Millenia engine in, but I would have preferred to keep it. It is designed into the engines and isn't a drivability or power issue. Besides, you will get a hard-to-remove 'check engine light' if the EGR solenoids and switches aren't there.

  • Stevesei, thats a very 'green' and 'responsible' post there fella concerning EGR removal/disabling well done YOU sir :respect:

    During my rear cam cover seal 'expedition' I still couldn't gain the correct angle of attack, so left it well alone :D

    I did notice after removing the TB for a clean, that the port into the plenum from the EGR valve was heavily 'coked' up, (Not the white sort, more the black sooty veriety! lol) and looked like it was about to plug at any moment? I did consider giving it a 'poke and a rake' but I'd probably disslodge something that would later get sucked in and make a 'home' under a valve seat??? :shock:

    I think luckily or unluckily :? We or I at least, dont have a dash mounted 'ECL'
    here in the UK on GS spec mexy's? There is an aperture for one in the instrument cluster but it neither contains a bulb or icon visible to the driver? Is yours located within the speedo under the odometer? where on the UK spec'd cars sits the immobiliser indicator. (icon is a car outline with a key shadow through middle.)

    Removal of the EGR as you correctly stated may indeed flash a code from the DLC (data link connector) during engine fault diagnosis?? using an LED in the FEN and B+ terminals of that connector?

    I do a 'fault code' pull every 3 months or so as a matter of course, also after driving the car and I Hear, Feel, Smell anything un-toward :shock:

  • It's interesting that you have the emission controls but no Check Engine Light (CEL), which in US spec cars warns of conditions that will damage the catalytic converter. Possibly you don't have catalysts on cars this old? Here is a picture of a US spec instrument panel with the CEL lit. If you don't have the light, then the use of non-standard chips is less of a problem, as long as the chip you use will actually operate your EGR system properly. No EGR, no problem.

  • No! deffo dont have that on my cluster :o

    On my 1996 GS K8, that is the hazard warning indicator, and on my second 1998 GS K8 which is a scrapper/spare parts store! :)

    We have 'cats' on our cars over here, I think since 1992 (?) it has been a legal requirement as part of out yearly vehicle roadworthyness test or 'MOT', If a vehicle was manufactured with a 'cat' after that date, it must be tested with one fitted for required emmision levels?

    I believe the chips in standard K8 ECU's are not changeable (eproms?) or can not be re-mapped? I know it was popular over here in the late 80's and 90's with 'SUPERCHIPS'.. Some 'tech wizard' may be able to do something at an electronic level?? but I dont think an alternative chip is a commercially available 'TUNE' or EGR compensate device??? :(

  • WOW!!!! just noticed, that '3's been round the block and back ant it????? :shock: :shock: :shock:

  • Yeah, but it has more new parts than old! And that's MILES, not kilometers! Newish radiator, engine suspension, transmission, ignition, wheels, tires, lots of ancillaries. It's just a baby now! Again!

    Seriously, the car was a near wreck when I bought it about four years ago. It's now my daily driver/autocross car. I've had a lot of fun bringing it back.

  • PS: Can you open up an ECU and send Stoker100 a couple of pictures of the interior? Some K8s had EPROM style ECUs that could be chipped. The only way to tell is to look. You might have to take the second level circuit board loose from the unit, move it out of the way for pictures.

    In my case, I started with an OBDI KL07 Probe ECU that already had a chip socket installed by its former owner. The only problem with that for your purposes would be getting the correct mappings for your OBD version.

    Is there a late model MX-6 equivalent that has the OBD1.5 ECU? That would be a great starting place. Stoker could remap to ZE specs, just make the changes from the V6 Probe setup (which I'd bet wouldn't be far off for a ZE anyway).

  • Ok Stevesie, I have the ECU from the 1998 GS K8 off the car in my 'man cave' :lol: at a juncture this week, I will crack it open (not the first time!) and take some some snaps for ya bud 'Stoker100'? not really to feed any intentions 'I' have of modding the ECU, but maybe EU, UK, US etc members may want to look into squeezing or wringing a wee bit more driveability out of the K8 via a possible 'map tweek' if indeed it is possible??? :shock:

    Im pretty sure without turning a screw, that the board is a non EPROM assembly? :( and I am very reluctant to lay an 'un-earthed, wrist strapped finger' on the ECU in my currently running 'superfantastico' MX3! as Im pretty sure its the same ECU only two years younger :P
    Im a wee bit like Sam Neil in 'Jurassic Park' when he points to a monitor showing a dinosaur skeleton and it causes a 'glitch' without even touching it! and exclaims "What did I do?" I fear if I disturb my 'Runner', it would no longer be that!!!! :(

    The OBD1.5 question Stevesie is not my field of expertise Im affraid (along with many other topics! :?) There are more informed regular members on here? eg djmarcopolo, Marco, Lori Calyle etc sure they'd share their wisdom perhaps on a new topic post?

    In the meantime, camera charging, wrist earth strap locate???, best screw drivers out :) Pics soon? kev b.

  • Pics of UK K8 1996 ECU non EPROM icb


    A bit perverse, but I like the smell of circuit boards??? :()

    Nothing to see here!

    Can pretty much say its not mapable unless your'e 'Gandolf' or the like?

  • Kev,

    I sent a link to your pic to Steven (stoker100). I'll let you know what he says. Thanks for the effort!


  • Ok fella :D no probs. kev b.


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