• I've been offered a superb deal on a stainless manifold and downpipe kit. Trouble is, its for an MX-6. Any way it will fit? I really hope so as I should be able to get it for £50 and its unused!

  • the headers will fit.

    and the down pipe will fit too, but its too long and a slight different angle, meaning your CAT will no longer fit.

    You need to either take it to an exhaust place and get them to:

    A) shorten and adjust the downpipe to fit your CAT (£<50)


    B) make you a custom DE-CAT pipe to replace your CAT. (£<50)


    C) Make you a custom sports CAT (£150+)


    D) shorten and adjust the downpipe to fit your CAT, plus make you stainless steel a DE-CAT pipe. (<£90)

    Personally i'd go for D, that way you can swap in your old CAT for MOT time. Prices are based on when I had mine done quite a few years ago now, so please ring round and check as could be way off now days.

  • That is exactly what I wanted to hear! My mechie mate is a superb welder and can chop the pipe easily. Cat???? I have a spare with no internals…........

    Thanks pal.

  • make sure you tell him its stainless steel.

    Better to make a DE-CAT than use an empty CAT, it will flow better.

    He will need to use stainless steel filler wire on it.

    But you could go for a really cheap option and cut the flanges off the spare CAT and get him to knock up a custom DE-CAT in mild steel, using a bit cut from an old exhaust.

    Only problem would be MOT time.

    One other thing, some of the ebay kits have had poor fitment issues, ie once the headers are fitted the downpipe won't line up. So check that yours fit ok.

    You will also need to remove your EGR system, which is detailed on here somewhere so do a search. Or make up a custom EGR hard pipe.

  • He is in the process of sleeving the cat as we speak. A nice trick to save cash. Did it to the silencers of my TVR.

  • best if you can get it on ramps, fit the haders then start cutting the bottom section to make it fit spot on


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