Idle very high need help

  • just bought a 1.8 v6 and on start up it idles very high around 2 > 2 1/2 thousand revs until engine warms up and somtimes if i shut it off when warmed up then start 10 mins later starts high again for around 10 mins any ideas on what could be causing this and how i might fix it need help please

  • It might have a vacuum leak, check all the air hoses for splits> usually the accordion style one to the throttle body is to blame.

  • ive put a k&n induction kit on it but it was doing this before i put it on but will double check all the hoses thanks

  • Other possibilities are a knackerd Idle Air Control valve or a sticky throttle/badly adjusted cable.

  • it is like having a sticky choke how can i test the idle control valve ??

  • Probably a voltage drop test with a multimeter but I don't know for sure as I have never tried.

  • thanks mate think i might just spend whole day tinkering tomoz

  • 1.) does it idle smoothly, or is it hunting?

    2.) when it warms up do the revs drop to normal?

  • Hi
    Disconnect 2 wire connector from IACV (WHEN COLD), place ohmeter across terminals, at 20 oC resistance should be 10700 - 12300 ohms?

    What happens to idle after the 10 mins? does it eventally drop to sub 1000 rpm?

    When warm, with engine OFF but ignition turned ON, you should be able to hear/feel a slight whirring coming from the IACV if it is functioning correctly?

    Has the cooling system been disturbed recently or is it leaking? (If so the coolant cavity behind IACV, under the throttle body could be airlocked, affecting function!)

    Also check ALL hose connections to Plenum chamber, AFTER the throttle body, ie:
    All small vaccum pipes and the vent hose from the PCV vavle on front valve cover for poor/lose connections and splits.

    Check throttle cable free play, and check theres NO gap beween throttle plate and stop screw?

    :) kev b

  • it idles smoothly at 2000revs on start up then when warms up either drops to low and engine stools or it gets iregular revs up and down not smooth at all and ive just noticed on my garage door its putting alot of jet black crap out the exhaust and on floor below the exhaust only just noticed that as left it running outside garage wile i was checking all the hoses HELP REALLY STUCK NOW all hooses are fine

  • Have you pulled any codes?
    It will run rich when cold and hence black/ sooty, for 10/20 mins if just idleing, (will warm up much quicker when driven)

    Have you just let it idle till achieves normal operating temp? (until fan cuts in)

    What is idle like then?

    Is the rpm irratic just idleing or just when you open throttle?


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