Air box :(

  • Hi folks, its been a long time since I've been here lol have been enjoying my mx3 for the last 2 and a half years :) but yesterday, I found the hoses connecting to the air box have split..

    I've got it taped up real good like it was back when I bought the car but I don't like that lol any idea where I can get a replacement from? Only found air boxes for the 1.6l model on ebay and google has been rather unhelpful this time round…

    I was thinking of putting in an induction kit last time but in the end, decided to keep everything stock.

    So.. can anyone let me know what I should search for on google? Or better yet, anyone have a spare in good condition? :P

    Thanks all!

    PS I'm not too bothered with keeping this stock anymore seeing as these hoses seem to split so easily.. if anyone can point me to a cheap induction kit that requires very little tech skills to install, I'd be grateful for that too :)

  • Hiya, very rare item if you can find one in a scrappy otherwise its

    Mazda genuine part £55


    performance induction kit

    I would go induction kit route TBH :bigok:

  • I'm pretty sure I've got a good one will look into it tomorrow.

    £35 plus postage if I have.

  • Have just joined Forum!
    I have a MX3 Eunos Presso 1470cc. auto. I too have split air intake hose. Price from Mazda is £92 + VAT!!
    Car is second car, only insured for 5K miles. Would consider 2nd hand in good condition
    Any help please?

  • Hey and welcome.

    I have that hose for the 1.5, I'll dig it out tomorrow and check its condition for you.

  • As a new member, only recently joined, I do not know how to navigate site to follow up on a reply I have received
    Please help!

  • Just send Marco a 'Personal Message' by clicking on where it says 'PM' at the bottom of one of his posts. And ask if he has been able to find it or not.

    He's not on every day so i'd give him time to answer. He is a nice guy so don't worry about buying from him, your in good hands if you do.

  • Hey Hugs I've replied, found the part in excellent condition. Cheers admin :cheers:

  • If anyone else wants one pm me as I have a couple kicking about in tip top condition


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