Wiring gage for loom?

  • Anyone know?

    Going to be buying snap connectors for all the loom changes I've made, and want to buy the correct size ones.

  • Hi fella take a peek at these,
    On ebay, search for seller: onexshop (27972)
    4 pin kit x1off item No 320948503004
    2 pin kit x5off item No 320933181353
    Cheap as chips, but well moulded etc you get em in component form,pins,seals,seperators etc; but no assembly instructions tho :? I bought loads, a bit fiddly but very secure when fitted :D
    I would have tried to do a link but havn't had much success recently???
    just a thought, you may find better? kev b

  • Oh by the way, i have used em on twin rear tail and brake light mod? I have felt them for temp rise after 2 hour drive etc and cant feel owt? listing calls em TRUCK connecters iirc? :? whats your intended use for em? not starter motor feed I'll guess???? :rofl: should be good for 10-15 amps I recon before
    they revert to a 'liquid form' along with rest of loom? :shock: kev b

  • Thanks bud, I'll take a look.

    It's more of the behind the dash, and lighting loom (rear light mods and some custom wiring at the front)

  • wires for loom's usually range from 0.5mm - 1.5mm.


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