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  • Hi fella
    the cheaper ones are fine imo? I havnt done a long term test but I checked my 'one year old' ones two weeks ago and they're fine, (MOT pass confirmed)
    My only issue with em is the machining of the 6mm allen cap socket needed for fitting/removal, i isnt very deep, and if you round it off, then youll be buying the higher priced presumably higher quality ones the following day :(
    Removal: soak overnight with penetrating fluid
    Wire brush exposed threads
    Poke out crap from 6mm allen key hole
    Undo nut with spanner and hold threaded stud with 6mm key, dont keep removing allen key or youll soon wear out hole and round off?
    Keep lubing nut and treat as if cutting a thread ie 1/2 turn undo, back otherway to clear threads
    If it binds, down tools, reach for best hacksaw and FIVE or so blades :shock: if you persist beyond bind, itll round off! sure as the brown stuff!
    Fitting new:
    Check soundness of boots and clips (one of my clips was migrating off)
    (I re packed new, with grease but thats me, just to be sure)
    Clean/wire brush all mounting faces
    Apply silicon sealer to threads (aids future removal?)
    When both nuts/ends torqued down slap everything with waxoil especially
    exposed threads (why do they make em that long?) and allen key hole ready for future removal etc?? hope this helps kev b :D

  • Good advice, thanks mate :cheers:

    So I decided to have a pop at the buy it now option on the £6 one and have it for £4.50 delivered to my door! MAAAAAD! ;)

    Ill report back when its all fitted (gonna get on with a diy wheel refurb in the meantime) Although, if I knew I was keeping the car for a while I have been eyeing up the wheels off the old dears Mazda 2! :mrgreen:

  • Id av shelled another £6 and gone for two? for when the other side goes next month? :( I did both mine even though only one was shot eve tho Im a yorkshireman :lol: hope yr rattle free soon sir. kev b

  • Yeah I was tempted to but thought I would check the quality out first as it wont cost extra to get a second one. Having said that you got me thinking to go and grab the other one!! :lol:

  • If its on same order you wont pay more than £4.50 postage? :)
    email seller tho to confirm combined postage of multiple items?


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