Az3 vs mx3

  • I'm getting the new mx3/az3 registered very soon. Should I put the model down as AZ-3 or MX-3? I like az3 as its different and all that but might be less hassle with insurance etc to put mx3? Anyone have any experience in this?

  • You usually get cheaper insurance if it is considered a model that was made for the uk market. When I was looking for an FD the price to insure a UK specific one was several hundred cheaper! That said, I cant it making much difference these days now anyway.

    I'd say if its import go for AZ3 8)

  • In the UK, if it's an import the MOT rules are easier to get past.

    IE: Emission tests are null on imports.

  • Emmissions thats a bloody good point! :respect:

  • when i went through setting up my insurance i couldnt find any company that accepted AZ3 as a model. most didnt even recognise my reg plate as an import.

  • MX3 on the V5 and az3 on the car, it will save a lot of hassle with insurance etc, it will still be logged as an import but easier to deal with


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