Judders with Poor Performance after a full service

  • Bought V6 1.8 few wk ago which had been stood 3yr bar a few mile since mot in Sept. I still have another V6 and in comparison the new one was smooth with a lot more oomph to it and flew. I put a new battery on as suggested by the seller and then drove it for a couple of days during which time it was fine. Although as norm when I buy a car privately I had it checked over inc it having a full service. Result was ok bar a hole in top of exhaust (very loud inside car when driving, ok outside) needs repairing before mot and tappets could do with replacing but not that bad really. On getting it back I expected it to perform even better but instead it was jumpy when driving, almost as if in wrong gear and poor acceleration, no go in it any more (my old one now puts new one to shame). Revs seem ok on idle even though it will still judder. So booked it back into the garage but sods law the day it was ok so mechanic thought was prob just some dirt somewhere that had now cleared therefore didn't look at it. Any ideas on the problem before I take it back again? (Just also noticed bluish exhaust fumes not too excessive on idle, more on revving but not noticable on driving.. oil??)

  • You need to ask 'THEM' for a written checklist of what they did to car while they had it?
    If you say all they've done is service it ie fluids, plugs, filters, any GARAGE
    worth their name will be able to produce an itemised list of fluid quantities, plug types and filter No's, you at least have evidence to then cross check parts to see if they are indeed the correct ones?
    If they have made adjustments to idle speed etc? it cannot be achieved by just attacking it with a screw driver to the idle screw or throttle position switch
    Im not suggesting they dont know what they're doing but if they're unfamiliar with older techniques or indeed modern classic mazdas, they may have upset something? only they know what they did/didnt do while in their hands?
    Hope its just a missight of a loose plug/lead, loose connector, LOW or ANY OIL? even you can check that mrs :? If youve paid money and your not happy, take it back until you are :? kev b

  • Take it back, stay with the car and show them the problem.

    When you pick it, don't go at the end of the day to pick it up, go during the day so you can try it.

    Don't take it away if its not fixed.

    They have to give it back to you in the condition it was given to them in.


    Its got to be something simple if they ONLY serviced it.

  • Thanks guys for comments, hopefully the problem can be rectified easily. I had a full service, oil change, filters, fluids, plugs etc. done by same garage as has looked after my other Mx-3 really well over the last 5yrs and have been cheap and very trustworthy so hopefully if it's a simple wrong setting it can be put right no prob. The only thing is that they are always real busy with contract work so unfortunatelly usually means waiting for an available slot !


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