Engine not getting to operating temperature

  • So my temperature gauge on the dash is below the middle mark and above the 1/4 way, even when idling. The blowers inside the car never get that hot and I believe the fan never comes in the engine.

    I replaced the thermostat with a cheapy off eBay, which didn't have a jiggle pin and wasn't a perfect fitment. With this thermostat it's still idling in the same manner.

    I've read a lot into it, most people suggest 9 times out of 10 it's the thermostat. While others said it might be the sensor but that's been checked and is working fine.

    So what could it be?

  • The blowing not hot I'd be suspicious of but the temp gauge sounds possibly normal.

  • I'll add a photo of the gauge when up to temperature. I am happy enough to leave it if it's considered as normal (I can't remember from my other Mx-3's)

  • Mine is much the same BazzM993 as regards the temp gauge position?
    When stone cold and not been run for several days, the needle is 1/4 below the 'C' mark?
    After a longish run etc, it only bearly reaches the 1/2 way mark which I consider to be normal :? My heater starts blowing luke warm after about
    5 mins and then gets unbearable at normal operating temp (Engine) on only 1st position of fan speed! so I think you deffo have some prob there????
    Heater matrix blocked???
    Heater controls broken or poorly adjusted??? ( The hot and cold slider! does it have a positive action? with indents felt across its entire movement from blue to red? )
    Iirc this is the only mechanical/cable control, all the other push button controls operate on stepper motors i think? (two in total?) one for the vent to outside air, and the other for air direction controls?
    If the vent to outside (mechanical slider) is broken/malfunctioning your MATRIX may be getting heat as normal but not being directed to cabin as
    You could confirm function when engine warm, by removing either of the kickpanels forward of center console and feel heater casing?
    My engine cooling fan only comes on after a spirited drive followed by 5 mins idleing with bonnet closed, it then cycles like this if left to idle every 3-4 mins or so until turned off!
    It will all swing on ambient temps too! and recently….. well...its a wonder
    car ever warms up at all :( brass monkeys anyone????
    Have you confirmed the operation of cooling fan by removing CTS connector while engine running? fan should operate at any temp? (Iirc this is a fail safe?) DONT FORGET TO RE CONNECT after this test!
    I would imagine you didn't :oops: but would it be possible to get the orientation of your "non jiggle pin, cheap ebay, non perfect fit thermostat" wrong??? ie reversed? :o
    You mentioned the operation of the 'SENSOR' to have been 'CHECKED'?
    but which? the temp gauge sensor (small single wire) black in colour,or the CTS sensor (large two wire) grey in colour?
    Hope this helps? :D
    I have a laser targeted digital temp reader/thermometer from china about £12, its brill for this kind of thing, also comparing plug,cylinder,manifold temps etc :) kev b


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