Problem - Car dies when static (Auto)

  • OK…. to compund every other problem this week,
    I'm driving my MX-3 auto bacl from the garage after having a quote for an exhaust,

    when I stop at the lights and the car revs drop off and the engine dies.

    Now it's doing it whenever I'm stationary and in whatever gear selection, except of course park and neutral.

    No idea what is causing this andthe garages can't take the car in till Monday and without a car right now I can't get to work.

    Any ideas???

  • admin

    Is it automatic?


  • @428bc788c7=jono:

    Is it automatic?


    Yes it is.

  • Could have a leek in the air intake as this can make the revs drop / die…but normally would not die off completely if you are driving along, can course a lose of power.

    Am no expert, but used to happen to my car.

  • Certainly seems to be a theme.
    The local garage seems to think it's an intake issue as well.
    certainly there wasn't the same power even when it was running.
    Seems strange it would just stop, but worth a look.
    Will let you know.

  • OK:
    The only place I can see a potential problem is on the intake before the filter where the seal between the main intake pipe and the filter housing has rotted to the point the main intake rattles arround in the hole, but I'm not sure this would be enough of a problem to cause such a sudden failure.

    Tried the car again just to see, an as soon as you put the car un reverse it instantly dies.

    Any more ideas???

  • fucked sensors?

  • Welly,
    yeah, suspect that is the case with the sudden failure but still not enough of a knowledge to work out which one.
    Will have another look at the manual methinks


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