Odd starting

  • I left the car standing over Monday and Tuesday night whilst I was away and came to start it yesterday. It cranked over fine but was very spluttery and had blue smoke from the exhaust. It did catch but settled to a lumpy idle. After a short run, the idle sorted itself and it stopped and started again fine but it ran very tappety. Obviously I know it doesn't have tappets but thats what it sounded like. A clicking sound in time with the engine.

    Any ideas?

  • it does have tappets.

    blue smoke is usually oil.

    If it only appears when its left standing its usually valve stem seals weeping.

    When was your last service??

  • You probably have? but have you checked oil level recently :?
    too much? (way above 'F') not enough? ( below 'L').
    Also check condition of PCV valve on top of cam cover,
    pull it out, disconnect from pipe and blow/flush through with
    carb cleaner/WD40 etc onto a wrag or something, dry it out
    and then shake it up and down next to yr ear, It 'SHOULD' rattle
    a bit? there is a small sprung weight in there, that lifts by crankcase
    positive pressure or by vaccum from the inlet manifold under
    certain conditions (ie closed throttle, high vaccum). If its still full
    of 'crud' and valve is constantly open it may be allowing excessive
    oil vapour/oil to enter inlet, and hence burning oil during combustion
    (blue smoke as admin correctly suggested).
    Just a thought Big Tom :) probably doesnt explain poor running tho?
    above are easy to check and simple too, is it a high mile car?

  • Is the tappety noise on both banks (V6) and at both ends of the engine ie
    timing belt cover end and disrtibutor cap end? or is it from timing belt end only? :?

  • Thanks guys it turned out to be as simple as a low oil level. Topped up work giod quality gunk and now runs as good as new. This thing still impresses me as its Donne 104000 miles and only cost £400.

  • Yes bargain retro sports they deffo are :D but they do require at the very least a weekly bonnet lift? :shock:
    glad ya back in love with it :P kev b


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