Best place to buy new calipers (mainly the rear)

  • i have that common problem with my rear discs , can anybody tell me of a good cheap place to get new calipers , im after the complete set(unit,slider pins,rubbers,etc)
    cheers :)

  • 'brake engineering' in Wrexham north wales?
    What about a refurb place where they take your old ones in exchange?
    Won't be cheap though….

    What is wrong with yours anyway?

  • the keep bending the slider pins and either seeze on or stop working . this is the second mx3 that ive this problem with . ill have a search for these people and the cheapest choice

  • i'd try new sliders first

    Clean out the parts that the sliders go into, you might need to get some wet and dry paper in there to really clean up the surfaces.

    Then buy new rubbers, make sure you buy replacement rubbers as you can also get refurbishment rubbers which are bigger because when they do a refurb they re bore the holes the sliders go into.

    Then use the correct grease. I see so many people using copper grease for this which is no good at all as it can't take the heat. It dries out with repeated heat cycles and stops the sliders running properly.

    When I did mine I managed to get the part number for the sliders and rubbers and then got my local motor factors to special order them in.

    So new sliders, new rubbers, the correct grease (NOT COPPER GREASE), clean out slider holes with very fine wet and dry.

  • I just noticed that Probestore get their stuff from Brake Engineering.

    I've used Brake engineering before, they don't usually deal direct with the public, but they will if you are really nice to them. Also sometimes you have to phone a few times because it can depend who you get to speak to. Don't phone at the end of the day either…

  • i changed the slider pins to get it through its m.o.t about 3 months ago but the problem has came back again . where i live it costs £30 to get them referbished so i might try that beforei buy new ones . i also noticed that probe store gets them from there.
    cheers for the help bud


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