Info - KL-31/36 ECU on a KLDE Engine - Is it possible?

  • Hi all,

    Not sure if I'll get banned for asking about a Probe/MX-6 engine on here, but they are all K-series and the question is also linked to the KL-ZE engine… so here goes :?

    Some of the KL-ZE and KL-DE engines on specs seem very very similar (not sure if they are or are not though). Same no. of valves, cyclinder displacement, bore/stroke, DOHC etc etc - THE MAIN difference I can see are the compression ratios and torque/bhp output.

    Here is the question

    Has anyone ever just dumped on a KLZE KL-31/36 ECU and VAF JE50 onto a KLDE engine?

    Yes yes yes… I know I may have just made myself sound like a total knob jockey... but hey, I think it's a question worth asking :P

    Many thanks (and please go easy on the flames ;))


  • I was trying to search on the forums to find an answer for you… but I'm not sure if it makes a difference...

    It's something about the KL-01 ECU and kl-02 VAF that is different from the kl31/36 ecu and JE50 MAF...

    KLZE has different Cams, Different Pistons, IM, and TB.

    Why would you want to swap ECU's?

  • @c60b4f3da9=ukmx3admin:

    KLZE has different Cams, Different Pistons, IM, and TB.

    Why would you want to swap ECU's?

    My mate has a Ford Probe and he was looking at chipping the engine - but from asking professional tuners they felt a maximum of 8-10bhp may be possible.

    Looking at the specs the KLZE and KLDE didn't seem massively different - I was just curious if anyone had ever dropped a KLZE ECU onto a KLDE engine and what the outcome was with regards performance and whether the engine ran ok.

    Would to love to hear from anyone who has tried this :)

    Kind Regards,


    PS what does TB stand for?

  • @d7edea6a10:

    PS what does TB stand for?

    Throttle body

    8-10hp- out of curiosity, at what cost?

  • @87ca93ed14=Marco:

    8-10hp- out of curiosity, at what cost?

    It was actually an approximate 10% gain for £300 :s

  • 300 for about 10%. im sure there would be mods that cost less and give you a better hp gain.

  • well then on a klde that would be around 16 horse power the
    164/10= 16.4
    for the money id try an lay my hands on some klze cams. and poss a throttle body
    i think hectors youman to speak to about this, he told me to put kl cams and a kl ecu into mine, hes having a few things done and is hoping to see around 250

  • The ECU takes info from sensors and provides fueling/timing info etc.

    I don't see how it would make any difference other than mess up the fueling/timing/advance etc.

    Can't see why it would make it faster as its mainly the greater compression from the different pistons that make the KLZE faster.

  • @c82b8852f0:

    If you don't have a Japanese Import KLZE engine, then please don't bid on this because it won't work with the normal KLDE engine setup.

    quoted from an ebay sale of a chipped ze ECU


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